Solar Bow


Comics : The Unknown Turaga Saga
Type of Weapon : Bow
Main colour : Gold, Silver
Power : Solidified light beams
Size : Thin
Usage : Shooting
Status : Out of use
Pronunciation : N/A

The Solar Bow is a small gold-handled bow, which was Toa Dlakii's tool of choice.


The Solar Bow was created when Dlakii's old Matoran bow was exposed to energised protodermis which transformed Dlakii himself. Soon afterward, though, it was broken in half in a brief fight with Toa Eljay. As it was used up until the end of Dlakii's time as a Toa, it was undoubtedly repaired, else there is some other explanation regarding this; at any rate, it is certainly out of use as of the present day.


The Solar Bow, similar to the Naegling, fired bolts of light. Unlike the Naegling, the bolts of the Solar Bow were solidified and more like actual arrows than beams of light.


  • The sprites for the Solar Bow were designed and hand-pixelled by Turaga Dlakii himself, rather than being borrowed from games or sprite kits or others designing it for him.
  • One confusing aspect of the Solar Bow is that, when Eljay split it in half, the bowstring seemed to disappear. There is an explanation for this, which will be dealt with eventually.

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