Species : Superpowered Matoran
Comics : Heroes
Kanohi : Great Komau
Colors : Black and White
Element : N/A
Occupation : Superhero
Tools : Superpowers
Location : N/A
Status : Traveling the globe, fighting evil
Pronunciation : N/A

Spaz is the superhero identity of Kortu in the series Heroes.


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Spaz has the original power of telekinesis, which he has retained through all three seasons. Over time, being the only hero to have kept all of his memories for most of his life, he has mastered his powers and is a very strong telekinetic. A side-effect of his power that has since been brought under control was that using his power would give him a strong burst of hyperactive energy, which he would need to quickly get rid of by running around or 'spazzing out'. This was the trait that gave him his alter ego's name. It is implied that if needed, he could harness this energy burst power to gain enhanced speed and agility if ever it was needed.

Power Duplication

After the events of Season 2.5, the explosion that was caused by the combined powers of the faulty heroes released his dormant power of power duplication. FLuGLe's Dimensio-Agent powers allowed for this ability to be suppressed as it was feared that it would be too much for Kortu to handle. However, when FLuGLe left to fight Black Outline Dok, this power was activated. This power lets Kortu duplicate any superpower once he has watched it be put to use.

Besides his own power of telekinesis, the other powers Spaz has seen and therefore possesses are:


  • Kortu modeled his character's costume after the color scheme of the Nintendo character Mr. Game and Watch.

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