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Speeder the Sun Guardian is Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen's little brother. He is a higher grade Toa of Light.

As a Toa

As a Toa, he re-joined with his two older brothers, JJ and Eljay. He liked fighting the bad guys, and hates the color pink. Sometime on Pink day, 2008, a device on his mask malfunctioned when a pink disk hit it. At that time, his Neon Form kicked in, spreading to all of his body. In a powerful explosion, his neon form combined with his normal form, making a more powerful form.


When he was in his normal form, he used a staff of light, with a blade at one end, and a hook at the other. When he changed, he used a gold sword.


"Never give up hope." -Speeder

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