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Spitty as a pirate.

Spitty, or also known by his alias as "DJ Funkdaddy McSpit", is the king of all that is "mcfunk" and is the most awesome comic character around.


Spitty started out his life as a matoran as a red and gold Ta-Matoran. He wore the Kanohi Hau, but soon was replaced with the Kanohi Majiko after it was found by Exo. Basically the legend of his awesomeness can be described in this true-story, now released tale:

One day in the land of all that is good and fluffy, there was a Matoran named Spitty. After waking from his daily night's slumber, he retrieved his reading glasses and started to read the newspaper. After reading that, on the front page of the Fluffygood Newspaper, there would be a contest to see who could make the most interesting pumpkin, Spitty decided to go to the town's bellboy to see if this was accurate.

"Hello my good sir, is there any truth to this contest?", Spitty asked with interest. The bellboy was busy hanging towels for the town that is good and fluffy's annual synchronized swimming beginner's session. The bellboy's name was Francis, and he turned to Spitty with keen interest.

"Yes, my good sir, there is truth to that contest. The prize for the winner will be the Kanohi Majiko, and that is one of the most powerful plastic masks in the entire universe. It is up to you to retrieve it, for I saw a vision today. Painted on the walls of my ceiling during he knight was a powerful drawing that radiated beams throughout my room! This is what woke me up of course. On that drawing, you were riding your trusted steed llama Winkbottom, but that is not the most important part. Your mask was the Kanohi Majiko! And this is what believes me to say that you are going to be the winner of this contest! Now, listen to me. There are great pumpkin carvers that come every year to compete for the title of "The Goodest and Fluffiest Pumpkin Carver". You must train with Winkbottom in the Oogletree Mountains, for that is the only place where professional pumpkin carvers earn their skills. Now, take flight and win that contest!"

And so Spitty heeded the bellboy's words and entered into the Oogletree Mountains, Winkbottom at his side. For days and months they toiled and labored, carving pumpkins day and day in order to achieve the best carving skills.

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