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Author(s) : Gerlicky
Current Season : 1
Medium : Chimoru Omega
Island : Scrui-Nui
Main Enemies : Lord Tantrum, Rojo the Noob, ToaAwesomeGuy60930
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : January 9. 2011
Location : "Gerlicky's Comics 3.0" Studio
Status : Fluctuates Between Active and Temporarily Inactive
Pronunciation : N/A

SpoofQuest! is a comic series written by Gerlicky.


SpoofQuest! is designed to parody epic comics with two-shade Chimoru, such as works by Gavla and Blade Titan974. The series begins with Gerlicky working on Gerlicky's Comics 3.0, a series sponsors Sprite and has to advertise it in every comic.


A number of characters have been introduced in the series, including Tetrii and Aki from previous TMU installments. The catch of SpoofQuest! is that, unlike stereotypical studio comics, Gerlicky is the only character who lacks sanity and tries to make his characters stereotypical to make him look better. In addition, he has to deal with two noobs that enjoy pranking the studio, a tantrum-throwing main villain and his insecure sidekick, and a stereotypical (but fictional) newb comic maker.


Only two comics have been introduced prior to the series' opening.

1 Year Vahi

2 Year Avohkii

The BZPower topic


  • SpoofQuest! and RANDOM TA-MATORAN! are both literally spelled with exclamation points.
  • The 1-Year Vahi comic was referenced by Tavakai in his comics. Coincidentally, the comic referenced his comics as well.
  • Already, a sequel to SpoofQuest! is in production. The series will be called "Project SpoofQuest!" and it will parody multi-author RZMIK comics.
  • SpoofQuest! is an International ComicContinuity series, though it lacks the continuity's logo.

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