The Sprite-Switcher, more commonly known by the abbreviation SS followed by the model number, is a device created by Dokuma in Livin' the Sprite Life.


The device is traditionally redesigned each year, thereby resulting in a yearly SS comic, and usually (but not always) sports the ability to change one's sprite form. The Sprite-Switcher has greatly evolved since its first design; there have been a total of six designs so far, progressively becoming larger, more over-the-top, and more destructive. Typically, it ignores its intended use and becomes a vehicle of Guest Star Abuse. It has also been used to abuse Razor sprites, as is LTSL tradition (though Dokuma likes Marty Razor Kirra's recent work and is on good terms with him).


Model Description
SS-05 First appearing in comic 5, this first model was a relatively small, handheld gun-like object that changed the sprite form of whomever it was pointed to when the trigger was pulled, enveloping them in a cloud of aliased, inverted pixels. Its design was deliberately based upon the Halo Needler.
SS-06 Debuting in comic 61, the SS took on a more elonged appearance, deliberately based upon the Halo Energy Sword. Its "payload" was also delivered in more weapon-like means, creating a burst of rainbow-colored light that collided with the target.
SS-07 In irony, the SS-07 didn't even appear to change one's sprite; rather, it simply delivered a weaponized laser beam capable of burning large holes through solid objects and setting the surrounding area on fire. Its appearance was directly based upon a war machine of Dr. Eggman's in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
SS-08 In comic 91, Dokuma introduced the new SS-08, which was depicted as a huge shoulder-mounted gun. As with the SS-07, it did not change sprites, but instead destroyed Dokuma's entire apartment building. In the explosion, it seemed that Aslan was unharmed.
SS-09 Two comics later, the SS-09 was introduced. Taking the joke of the increasing size of the device to a new level, the SS-09 was a gigantic synthezoid humanoid whose body was composed of all the islands in the Matoran Universe. In the process of his emerging from underneath the SS-09, LTSL Studios was destroyed for the second time in three comics. Interestingly, the SS-09 is the first model since the SS-06 that could actually change sprites, turning Earth into a pixel drawing with its laser vision.


Below is a collection of images depicting both the various models of the SS and the aftermath resulting from each of their uses.

Design Gallery

Aftermath Gallery

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