St-Matoran (STEE- Mah To ran) are Matoran of Mangosteen.

St-Matoran of Mango-Nui/Gingies-Nui

The only island St-Matoran live on is the island of Mango-Nui. They rarely leave the island and over do if in need of supplies. St-Matoran mostly harvest mangosteen, and are almost always under attack by Rahi. St-Matoran on Mango-Nui use weapons such as axes.
ST Matoran

A group of St-Matoran in the Mango-Nui village.

Abilities and Traits

St-Matoran, like all Matoran types, have inactive powers. St-Matoran are more durably in the sense of pain and physical abuse. They can survive large blasts, and won't die as fast as others, and can heal faster. There armor range from purple, multiple shades of green and red, and even orange. They like high places, sort of like Le-Matoran, but don't live high up. They mostly carry weapons and tools, like swords and axes. St-Matoran make sure to have a constant consumption of mangosteen. There are female and male St-Matoran.

Toa and Turaga of Mangosteen

Toa and Turaga of Mangosteen are rare. Mostly, St-Matoran stay away from high powers and such of that due to the fear of missing home and what they know as normal.

Toa of Mangosteen

Toa of Mangosteen are very rare. Only three have been known. Toa of Mangosteen are almost like Toa of Air, but are a tad bit more serious and once they decide to finish something, they get it done. Toa of Mangosteen get into fights more then even Toa of Fire, even if they are calm in most situations. Here is a list of known Toa of Mangosteen. Eljay has hinted that he plans a few more Toa of Mangosteen, including a female Toa of Mangosteen.

  • Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen: The second Toa of Mangosteen. Holds the Mask of Mangosteen and the Mangosteen Blade.
  • Ukokas: Formerly. Now the only Turaga of Mangosteen. Former holder of the Mangosteen Blade.
  • Mahar: Toa of Mangosteen: The newest and third Toa of Mangosteen.

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