Star Wars: Sybre Edition

Producer : Sybre
Comics of Origin : N/A
Sprite Kit : Razor
Location : C'mon. Where does Star Wars take place?!
Main Enemies : The Empire, The Separatists
Commencement Date : 2013
Status : Planning Stage

Star Wars: Sybre Edition is a Star Wars based movie series soon to be made by Sybre. He was inspired by Bionicle Star Wars and decided to make a series like that. It will possibly be released in 2013.

Planned StoryEdit

A long time ago, in a WHO CARES ABOUT THIS CRUD?! Anyway, the story starts when Junji is promoted to Jedi Master and is given permission to choose a youngling to teach. Sealing his own fate, he chose the most headstrong and reckless youngling of them all: Sybre. Years later, Sybre is a capable Padawan who gallantly obeys his master. When goes into a major battle, he must test his limits in order to reach promotion. But after this promotion, he shall reach the ultimate promotion...

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