Author(s) : Darman
Current Season : One
Medium : Rayg 2.5 (Halo Kit)
Island : Mata Nui
Main Enemies : None, Currently
Number of Movies : Zero
Started On : November 19th, 2009
Location : Mata Nui
Status : Active
Pronunciation : N/A

Stranded also refers to a very short-lived and unpopular Rayg 2.5 series by Toa KTM.

Stranded is a mini comic series applied to Bionicle Halo.


After an odd slipspace rupture, a pod containing Spartan-818 Chris, and another with an Elite Tyl 'Namradee, they get transported above the island of Mata Nui. After a rough crash, they realize each other and began to battle. As they prepare to battle, Takua drops out of the sky. Chris helps him out of the sand, asing where they are. Takua responded "Duh, Big Dumb Island." Chris sarcastically thanks him, and they travel to Ta-Koro, where Tyl corners a group of matoran who refused to raise the bridge.



  • Spartan-818 Chris
  • Tyl 'Namradee


  • Takua
  • Bridge Operators


  • Chris' Spartan number, 818, is the day Darman joined BZPower, 08/01/08.
  • 'Namradee is Darman backwards with a double 'ee at the end.
  • When Takua falls out of the sky, it's based off of the start of MNOG.

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