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From left to right: A Strogg soldier, a Strogg guard, the Strogg commander, Silam, Shadow Gali and the Strogglek.

The Strogg were a major enemy in both Gavla and Doom's comics.

Species history


The Strogg fleet

Some time ago, an experiment went wrong which led to a virus being created. This spread to a large number of the matoran population, causing them to become part alien and modifying their minds. Eventually, all Strogg viruses infectees and infected objects were sent to a distant planet. They became advanced and proceeded back to the planet for revenge, knownn as the Strogg wars. They tried, and failed to stroggify Gavla.

Shadow Gali became the leader of the strogg, and was probably their most successful.

Notable Strogg

  • Silam was the leader of a Strogg army, who attempted to destroy Meta Nui, utilising many starships including a giant mothership. He was defeated by Gavla, who took one of the ships for his own use.
  • Shadow Gali was an infected clone of Toa Gali, who took control of the army.
  • The "Strogglek" was a Dalek- Strogg hybrid experiment that broke out during the events of Final Wars.

Comics seen in

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