Suetoran potrait

Suetoran doing a larger than life-pose

Suetoran is the titular protagonist of About A Suetoran. He is a Matoran presumably living in Comic Land.


Suetoran is the very foul and arrogant comic writer, who is actually incompetent in both writing and editing, seemingly with no good sense of humour. Despite this, he believes himself to be an excellent comic writer and a very important person in the Comic Land, which is why he treats other people around him like dirt. Suetoran is also shown to be quite lazy and not very intelligent, as evident by his lack of wit and rational thinking. He also swears quite frequently, which is very rare amongst other comic writers.

Background history

Suetoran was created by the Question as a satire of stereotypical comic protagonists of BZPower, and the bad sense of humour usually involved with the character. His name is a Charactonym of Mary Sue; a character type known for it's complete lack of flaws and weaknesses, often used in fanfictions.

External Hero of Time

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