Super Smash Comics Series


Author(s) : Toa Nidhiki05
Current Season : Two
Medium : Razor Kit, Rayg Kit, Chimoru, RZMIK
Island : Comics Land
Main Enemies : The Villains
Number of Movies : None
Started On : May 11, 2008
Location : Various
Status : Various arenas
Pronunciation : Soo-pur Smash Caw-micks

The Super Smash Comics Series was a series written and created by BZPower member Toa Nidhiki05 of animations in which comic characters battled against each other.

Super Smash Comics

The original Super Smash Comics is not on BZPower, as the Dataclysm completely wiped the topic out. However, it is known that one battle was made before the unfortunate crash of TN05's computer cancelled the project, and that the topic had reached at least 4 pages before it's cloture.

Super Smash Comics Melee

In 2008, Super Smash Comics Melee was released. Several changes were instituted, including the system for determining winners changing from popular vote to a panel of judges, the ability for custom stages to be entered, and the prohibition of entering dummies. All in all, 11 comic makers, 7 villains, and 2 Guest Stars (non-comic makers) were entered. Unfortunately, only 1 battle was produced before it had to be closed due to the dreaded real life.


  1. Toa Nidhiki05 vs. Bohrok



TN got the idea from a series on BZPower where two members of BZPower would fight each other in an animated duel, with the winner being decided by a coin flip in real life. TN loved the idea, and eventually developed his own.

The original Super Smash Comics topic allowed comic makers to submit a large number of their own characters, with two characters being pitted against each other in an animated duel. The winner of the duel would be decided by popular vote, with all members of BZPower being eligible to vote by sending a PM containing their choice to TN. This process would theoretically continue until only one character would be left standing. Unfortunately, this process made it dangerously close to a game topic by BZPower's definition, and the topic was dangerously close to being shut down (as was rival Survivor: BZPower, which had a similar idea and concept) - however, TN himself shut the topic down before any action could be taken against it.

TN attempted to correct this with SSCM, appointing a private council of 4 judges consisting of good friends on BZPower to decide who would win. However, the topic once again came under fire, this time for not having any content aside from stages. Pohauki gave TN some advice, to create an intro comic of sorts, which TN took. In addition, TN had his friend 009 add flash and sound to the episodes.


The Super Smash Comics series received positive reception, with many members praising the series' innovative concept. The animations themselves received less positive reception, although not to the level or harsh criticism.

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