Super Splendid Mart

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Genre : Comedy
Written By : Xanis, Mr.Maniac, Katayru, Nuparurocks, Pocket Aces
Current Season : 1
Location/Setting : Super Splendid Mart
Main Enemies : The Boss
Starting Date : March 18, 2009
Medium : RZMIK
Status : Dead

Super Splendid Mart was a BZPower sprite comic series started by Mr.Maniac. It followed four slacker employees of the supermarket for which the comic is named. The topic died due to lack of support, despite its popularity.



NR and Xanis attempt to destroy their competitor, Funkin' Donuts.

The comic was first organized by Mr. Maniac with plans of the characters being psychiatrists. He pitched the idea to Xanis who returned by suggesting it be about employees of a department store. Mr. Maniac liked the idea and so Super Splendid Mart was created, although the setting was shifted to a grocery store. The comic series has spawned another series known as Funkin' Donuts which claims to be inspired by Super Splendid Mart. Donuts inspired another store comic, but that topic was quickly closed.

It became very popular, yet it later died from lack of support.



Super Splendid Mart has no storyline. It follows Mr. Maniac, Xanis, Nuparurocks, Katayru and Meraceire. They constantly mess up and drive their boss insane, yet still seem to keep their jobs. The comics don't follow any continuity, as such.


  • The "Tank!" scene is one of the most iconic scenes in any of Mr.Maniac's series.
  • Ennar considers the "Super Splendid Mart Song" comic to be the best comic he's ever made.

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Super Splendid Mart on BZPower.

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