Supernova Comics


Author(s) : Legolover-361
Current Season : Season One
Medium : The Chimoru Kit
Island : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : N/A
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : July 8, 2009
Location : The Comic Land
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : N/A

Supernova Comics was a comic series that started on Tuesday, July 8, 2009. They featured relatively small panels. In order to obtain more PGSs, a PGS announcement was made in Comic 5. It makes use of the Chimoru kit, in particular Chimoru Alpha, and NR's comic kit. In episode three of the Wartime Saga, Legolover switched to backgrounds of his own design. There have been no Guest Star comics, but Legolover planned to make them as soon as the Wartime Saga was finished.

Legolover is now planning the second season, dubbed Supernova Comics: Take Two, which has not yet been released.

How It Started

At first, Legolover-361 had no intentions of ever making comics--in fact, he barely even visited the Artwork forums. But that changed when Mahar's story, The War of the BZP Library (which Legolover was to GS for), was canceled.

However, Mahar then PMed Legolover, telling him that he had a comic series--Mahar's Comics--which needed PGS's. At first, Legolover was merely a GS, but when he became the first (and at the moment, only) person to make a banner for the comics, he was again offered a role as a PGS, which he gladly accepted.

From Mahar's comic series, Legolover got the inspiration to make his own series. He took the character he'd made for Mahar's Comics, Nova, and centralized the new comic series around him. Again drawing on inspiration, Legolover made his comic series almost like a group of comic strips, not following a central plot as much as making each episode funny.



  • Nova: A matoran of blue fire. Unlike most Ta-Matoran, he is blue, and is mocked for this frequently. In Mahar's Comics, he is the love interest of Tana.
  • Axis: A normal (red) Ta-Matoran, Axis is somewhat slow on the uptake. He has only just discovered that Bionicles have no noses (and it shocked him greatly).
  • Claris: A Ga-Matoran who bears a remarkable similarity to Ikamu, one of Nova's enemies from Mahar's Comics (this similarity goes much further than looks, though, as seen in Episode 2 of the Wartime Saga).


  • Mahar: Author of Mahar's Comics (Supernova Comics' partner).
  • Twilite: A PGS with a sick sense of humor.
  • Light Blazer: Nova's PGS bodyguard.
  • Jale: Toa of Oreos: An oreo-obsessed PGS.
  • Jrrlnd: A PGS that arrived when the studio was blown up by Ikamus.
  • NXG9: A PGS that arrived at the same time Jrrlnd did.

The BZPower Topic

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