Supreme Commander Rantanga

Rantanga picture

Species : Matoran
Comics : The Mercenus Chronicles
Kanohi : An unidentified Hau
Colors : Golden mask, yellow eyes, black everything else
Element : Earth
Occupation : Supreme Commander of the BZ-Metru Guard
Tools : Various BZ-metru weaponry
Location : His office at BZ-metru Guard HQ
Status : Active
Pronunciation : Ran-tang-gah

Supreme Commander Rantanga is the highest ranking officer in the BZ-Metru Guard armed forces and a character in The Mercenus Chronicles.

Fictional Biography

A fictional biography of Ratanga, organized chronologically, is as follows.

Pre-Mercenus Chronicles

Rantanga started life out like any other matoran, created by the usual matoran creation process. Rantanga signed up into the BZ-Guards five years before "Origins of Malice Borg", however, Rantanga was not a "Home-turf" guardsmen, instead, he was sent on a crusade by orders of Hapori Tohu along with The Disciple and Hapori Tohu's other guards, as well as a few thousand other BZ-metru guardsmen. Due to this crusade, Rantanga avoided all the events of OomB, making what he saw when he returned quite horrifying- Tohu tower destroyed, BZ-guardsmen limping towards medical trucks, the face of the captain was all the more mortifying. After this, Rantanga was promoted to Sergeant and was placed in control of the relief effort to restore order after the chaos mentioned beforehand. It is currently unknown how he got promoted to Supreme commander in this gap of time.

The Mercenus Chronicles

Rantanga has made some small appearances in The Mercenus Chronicles, mainly doing what he does best; ordering soldiers about and chatting up the ladies. In his first chronological appearance, Rantanga had to oversee the analysis of a "meteor" which crash landed into a small matoran's shop (what they didn't know is that it was, In fact, Rangan Mercenus). His second appearance was in the Finale of Philipnova's guest star comic, where Rantanga lead a large squad of BZ-guardsmen to stop the violence (however, the violence ended before Rantanga's arrival).

Personality and Traits

Rantanga has been shown to be quite ignorant, as seen when Rantanga did not let Rangan and co. to explain the situation in Philipnova's comic studio. He has also seen to be quite the ladies' man, as shown when he chatted up the pretty female reporter. However, Rantanga also has a very tactical mind, however, this has not been shown in the comics quite yet.


  • Rantanga is the one who gave the order to have Visor Incorporated give equipment and trade to the BZ-metru Guard.
  • Rantanga is currently wearing a prototype battle armour for the BZ-metru guard.
  • Rantanga has a direct link to Commander Conor due to the Crusade he went on.
  • Despite having given the order for their weapons to be shipped,Rantanga is attempting to stop all Guards from finding Visor Incorporated before he gives out the order to do so.
  • Before dropping out due to technical concerns, Philipnova798 was to serve as Rantanga's voice actor for an animated version of the series.

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