Sybre Thumb

Species : Matoran
Comics : SybreNetX
Kanohi : Hau
Colors : Green and Blue
Element : Plant Life
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : Author Powers, Sword, Bankai Sword
Location : Cyberspace
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : SI-bur

"Sweet dreams are made of these!"

Sybre in The Heart Stone of Trexyonatar.

Sybre is a rookie comic author currently working on SybreNetX. He is a Matoran of the Green, explaining why he likes to go to his jungle hidaway, right in a village with more Matoran of his kind.


Sybre's main color is green with blue arms and legs, sans feet. His eyes are blue, like in the real world.


Sybre and his cast live in Cyberspace, but made it look like the Comic Land.

Bankai SybreEdit


Sybre transforms for the first time with King Joe watching in awe.

Bankai Sybre
is basically the super transformation of Sybre. His colors are exactly the same, but he gets Alpha sprites and red eyes. To top it off, he wears a black cloak and wields a huge blade.

Bankai Sybre kills the last existing Noob.

Gundam SybreEdit

The picture says it all. There are possibly going to be sprites.
Sybre the Gundam

Sybre's Gundam form.


  • In his upcoming series So Ein Mist, Sybre will possibly have an Australian accent. His accent will possibly be German in A Day in the Life of a Biomech Teen (ADitLoaBT).
  • Sybre is one of the youngest comic makers on BZPower as he could be a couple of years behind Khols.
  • In the late summer of 2011, Sybre would have actually published his hand drawn comics in a real newspaper as he is a good artist. Unfortunately, he was not sixteen yet and couldn't enter.
  • Sybre constantly wonders how Dark709 does it.
  • Sybre has an extremely short fuse. Seriously, I can't tell you how mad he can get. Not even he knows his limits.
  • If Sybre were to have another color scheme, he would possibly be yellow and orange or red.
  • Sybre's singing voice is legendary in his comics.
  • Sybre will rename and replace himself by the the time he is done with all of his planned comic series. He will be called Saru of Spunk.

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