Genre : Comedy, Studio Life
Written By : Sybre
Current Season : 1
Location/Setting : Cyberspace, Sybre's Studio
Main Enemies : Nega Sybre, Abaddon, Nukpana
Starting Date : April 4th, 2011
Medium : Six-Shade Chimoru
Status : Actually Popular

SybreNetX is a comic series written by Sybre. With over 85 comics, the topic currently has nine pages.


SybreNetX was written for the sole purpose for fame and to entertain. The series was set to be published on April 1st 2011, but Sybre was still in Palm Springs and didn't come back until the 2nd or 3rd. By the 4th, the series was released with a one-panel comic. Soon, a new comic came and got the fans going. After seeing complaints about his choice of comic layout (blank rectangles) and his choice of characters, the comics went to the next level. Sybre had reluctantly gotten rid of a character, but his comics were no longer getting complaints, especially since there was a new layout. The series only went uphill ever since.

After the forum remake, the series returned in October 2011 and recieved new fans, like JiMing and the illustrious Soran, who both became PGSes. But Soran did not PGS until the temporary down time the series has experienced on June 20, 2012 has been reopened on September 1 in time for Sybre's birthday special on the 18th. The series is still being continued, but is scheduled to end permanently in 2013 and be replaced by a reboot series.


Good GuysEdit

Character Description
Sybre A psycho matoran who loves all kinds of pyrocy. He can be a bit of an airhead, sometimes. He is also a Shinigami, Vampire, and Soul Eater wrapped into one.
Vance Sybre's greatest rival who is easily annoyed.
Shakira The energitic one of the bunch. She also loves to blow things up with a Makuta Staff.
Konado One of the kinds of characters that never really plays a big role in the comics. The currently only big role he plays is when he is introduced.
Dondak Sybre's friend. He visited the village and got attacked by a Rahi, but was saved by Sybre.
Nootun The scientist of the cast. In fact, he even knows what makes Shakira so wild. But he keeps it a secret.
Carmen Basically, she's a female Vance.
Tia Carmen's younger sister. Another minor main character.
Naruto An enegetic ninga who works with the special effects backstage. He was once cut out but put back in. He rarely appears.
 ??? A new friend who will be introduced before the Final Saga.
 ?????? The friend of the upcoming friend.


Character Description
Pilfer A noob who is a master thief. He is wanted on all the islands, so he escaped to Cyberspace to steal from hero and villain.
Dementos An anti-hero, and longtime friend, whom Sybre knows in real life. He is a running gag in the series.
Proxy The grouchy request-taker. See what a real proxy is here.


Character Description
Nega Sybre Sybre's dark counterpart. He already has his own comics, but is bent on making them the most popular and only comics there is.
Abaddon A wild Matoran with a long history of mere destruction.
Nukpana The idiot of the villains.
Deathscreen A multicolored Matoran that stands for all of the [of Death].
Alucard A twisted vampire with an interest in killing noobs. No relation to Dangerfist.
Lilith An Angel of Death who has a crush on Sybre.
 ??? An upcoming villain that is currently being discussed by Sybre and a friend.
Trexyonatar An ancient warlord whose goal was simple: world domination. Unfortunately, his heartstone was ripped out. He tries to stop Sybre's cast from stealing it in the movie.
Apep The Serpent of the Nile, who will be the main villain of a possible movie.
Pandora One of the most deadliest Matoran who ever walked in the universe.


Character Description
King Joe The first PGS from the old forums who has mysteriously disappeared from BZPower.
JiMing A watermelon-loving ultragamer who has a series of his own that rarely recieves updates.
Navin A brony with a flamethrower in one hand and a pony toy in the other.
Phinto & Husker Two buddies who aren't seen much.
Kodrak A lesser-known author, best know for the series A Bit Dodgy, who has also disappeared.
Oneker/Felinuva He's the best cat I've ever seen. I'm serious. He's a cat.
Kohu A man (or Matoran) who can control air and fire. He has hidden power, but rarely uses it.
Tahu Nuva Golden (Axilus Prime) A Prime with incredible power. And he's not afraid to use it.
Hybridno Formerly known as Toa Piraka Hakann, he is an intelligent guy with great power.
Soran The first ever GS who later became a PGS after almost being killed by Sybre.
Dr. Giggles The well-known Giggles has made his way into the series after being given to Sybre as a birthday present from Vance.

Former/Fired CharactersEdit

Character Description/Reason
Saru of Spunk Sybre's planned replacement that hasn't been used in, like, forever.


The Comics

Sybre's Brickshelf


Coming SoonEdit

  • Movie(s)
  • Possible game, though Sybre says games are a pain to make, with designing and precious time.
  • A new comic series to replace SybreNetX once it's over. It will be called Ultimate SybreNetX.

Upcoming SagasEdit

  • Nerf Saga: following a Nerf War that goes slightly out of hand. (discontinued?)
  • Paintball Saga: like the Nerf Saga, but a Paintball War. (cancelled)
  • Final Saga: Cyberspace is reaching its demise, and Sybre must save it. But he reveals what side he's really on. SYBRENETX WILL END ONCE THIS SAGA HAS BEEN COMPLETED.

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