Species : Toa
Comics : Bionicle Halo
Kanohi : SPARTAN Helmets
Colors : Varies by Toa
Element : None
Occupation : Super Soldier
Tools : Guns, Energy Swords, etc.
Location : Alternate Bionicle Universe
Status : Fighting against Covenant
Pronunciation : tee oh ay/ tow uh

The TOA are the group of main characters in Master Darman's Bionicle Halo.The TOA wear MATA armour, and are the Bionicle equivalent of the  SPARTANS from Halo.


When they were matoran, they each were kidnapped. Trained hard and vigorously, when the time came, they were transformed into Toa and given special armor.

Early on, several Toa disappeared. Among these were Nako, Kuuls, and Refy. One TOA turned on the group. This TOA was Cypher, who had killed a comrade. He calls himself "the Fallen Angel".

Known TOA

  • Master Darman (Master Darman)
  • Refy (Refy)
  • Tropic (Zako/The Tropical Fruit)
  • Axala (KirbyFan #1)
  • Mentara (goldcloud899)
  • Nako (Blahdom)
  • Pher
  • Todo
  • Blane
  • Kuuls (Makuta Kuuls)
  • Cypher (Unofficial)


The TOA were first introduced by Master Darman. Among these early ones were Pher, Todo, Blane, Tropic, and Axala. The next TOA who made his appearance was Mentara, who was the only person in the launch bay. Refy appeared next as a sewer hobo on Metru Octanus IV. Nako has recently appeared in a comic and was pushed off a cliff.  Kuuls has not made a canononical appearance yet, but has been in several special comics.

ODST Versions

Master Darman made several comics in celebration of the release of Halo: 3 ODST. The four part series depicted a fight involving the TOAs and their ODST clones. Darman claims he bought them on craigslist.


Each TOA has advanced armor with shield devices implanted in them. Each helmet functions the same; they are tailored to look like the TOAs liking.


Darman, Pher, and Todo's helmets are all custom made by Darman himself. All other helmets are from the Rayg 2.5 Halo Kit.

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