Taco Party


Author(s) : Kortu
Current Season : One, Chapter Two
Medium : RZMIK
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : Daleks, FBI
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : February 6, 2010 (Latest)
Location : Marty's House
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Taw-Coh Pahr-Tee
"Marty is the man with the party, the taco party. He's on the run from the law after waking up alongside his best friend Björn and his business associate Timothy after a crazy night of taco partying. They're being chased by not only Daleks and a mysterious Plot Device, but a group of four FBI Agents (Kortu, lead detective, Metrukuta, defense specialist, XFire, master of disguise, and Dave, violent murderer of hopes and dreams) for something they're not entirely sure they did. Why? that's where it gets blurry. The only clues these three can find are a packet of "brainwashing taco sauce", a corpse behind the couch, the sudden death of Zonis and reappearance of Ghost Zonis, and the narration of a Narrator. These guys are in quite the mess. These guys are gonna have to remember just what happened at THE TACO PARTY."
— From the First Post

Taco Party is a User Choice-Oriented Comic Series created by BZPower member Kortu. It originated as a series similar to How to Be a Noob, in the Baby Pohuaki topic, where ordinary members would make comics, and Kortu, Zonis, Bostwik and Kabookie would judge them to be accepted. However, after Baby Pohuaki died, Kortu decided to repost it as a user choice-based series.



A command from the series

The story begins with Marty, Timothy and Björn awakening from the Taco Party, with the group being unable to remember anything due to consuming "memory loss taco sauce". The trio then consult Zonis and ask what happened at the party, only for him to suffer a sudden heart attack and die. As this happens, they decide to run anyway. We then see two agents (XFire, Dave) discovering Zonis's corpse and his ghost. Much to his shock, Zonis finds out he is dead and calls for revenge. Marty, Timothy and Björn then decide what to do with the corpse, Timothy suggesting they sell it on eBay. Suddenly, Agent Metrukuta pops out with her (expired) badge which shows her to be a licensed peanut inspector. The "Revenge" panel from the previous comic is then reused as a distraction.

Timothy then goes to find his lisp. XFire and Dave then reappear, coming to give the trio a life sentence just for ONE murder. When one of them refers to Björn as "Bjorn" without the umlaut, he is enraged and shouts "IT'S TWO LITTLE DOTS! NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!", injuring the agents from his rage powers. Timothy returns with his lisp, talking with unnecessary w(s) in his speech.

This ends the original Taco Party. Later, Dokuma is seen as being the narrator. The only clues so far are "brainwashing taco sauce". The trio then find a dead guy behind the couch. The sofa then turns into a giant submarine turkey sandwich. As the sofa is removed, the dead guy is revealed to be Angry Nid. XFire, Dave and Metrukuta are seen plotting to capture the trio. Kortu then enters at an inconvenient moment, being crushed by the sofa. Emkay investigates the couch, completely disregarding Kortu and analyzes it to be of good use to them as a wall, being bulletproof but also apparently, radioactive.

Meanwhile, the trio after refusing to resuscitate Nid's body because of the fleas coming out of his mouth (and no music), Dokuma (the narrator) breaks out into a David Bowie song, with David Bowie himself later appearing due to hearing his own music, congratulating Timothy on his world record (which even Timothy himself doesn't know about) but having to leave before he can tell him. Dokuma's vocal performance is described as pitchy.

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