Tahuri's Comics


Genre : Humor-Based Comics
Written By : Tahuri
Current Season : 3
Location/Setting : Unknown
Main Enemies : N/A
Starting Date : June 8, 2008 (Newest)
Medium : RZMIK, Razor (most of Season 1)
Status : Closed

Tahuri's Comics is a comic series written by BZPower member Tahuri. They were originally started on August 10, 2004, but have since been through multiple seasons. The latest season was Season 3, written during 2008/2009. They contain many parallels with Kotahn's Comics, which are made by Tahuri's friend Kotahn.

Due to Tahuri's busy schedule attributed to schoolwork and real life, the comics only last during the summer after which they are closed and reopened next summer.


Tahuri's Comics were originally a very poorly done series using Razor, inspired by the works of Dark709 and other popular Razor authors at the time. They had plenty of grammatical and spelling errors, but nonetheless received positive reception and support. The comics were mostly all in bitmap format, a few earlier ones being .JPGs. During late Season 1, the series changed its sprite kit to RZMIK. Season 2, started on July 11, 2005 was entirely in RZMIK and shifted its humor to a more Group-style one and featured characters such as Takomo and Metrukuta. It wasn't until three years later Tahuri returned to comic making with the critically acclaimed Season 3.



The comic-making schedule used by Tahuri makes three comics per week: one full comic and two fillers. Either a GS comic or a regular comic is made on Sunday. On Wednesday, the first part of a filler comic is posted. After submissions are made for the filler, the second part is made between Saturday and Tuesday. Special comics are posted between Saturday and Tuesday as well, on special occasions, as the name suggests. This schedule has been deviated from on occasion.


The comics are made using Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Flash CS3, and MS Paint. Tahuri also uses a Wacom brand graphics tablet in making the comics. They are known for their use of RZ Innovations styled sprites and their high-quality Photoshop backgrounds. Although the grass brush has been used before, it is claimed that this series (along with Kotahn's Comics) helped popularize it.


A timeline depicting the advancement of the series' graphics.


Tahuri's Comics are known for their unique approach to fillers. They take place as two comics, A and B. The first comic, A, displays a humorous situation, which the readers submit ideas on how it happened. Tahuri then picks out the best idea, and makes it into the filler comic B. An example can be seen here and the conclusion here.


Season 1 received moderate popularity and some praise, but received some occasional criticism for its poor grammar and spelling. Season 2 was again received positively, including from Group members but died out in the span of a little over two months. Season 3, on the other hand was met with unanimous praise for its new and innovative graphical style and humor, becoming a summer hit. It is also credited, along with Kotahn's Comics to popularize the now common grass brush background.

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