Takanuva Toa of Twilight is a powerful warrior and a PGS in several comics. He has the powers of light and shadow, and is good at combat and a great tactican. He is sane (well a lot of characters are insane, like Bob) and is an intellegent addition to the team. He doesn't use his real name for some reason, only using the name Takanuva. He uses that name because Takanuva is his cousin and is famous in many parts. He wears the Avohkii and can fly somehow. A warrior that is a serious and helps in comics.

Taka's Personality

Not much is known of his past or where he came from. It is known that he is usually calm and kind to others, though he can get really serious in battle.

Taka as a PGS

Takanuva Toa of Twilight is a PGS in many comic series. Some of them include:

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