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Species : Matoran
Comics : MK Comics, Project Klinkerpoop
Kanohi : Pakari
Colors : Yellow and Teal
Element : Air
Occupation : Local Idiot
Tools : N/A
Location : Never where you want him to be.
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : ta-KO-mo

Takomo first appeared as a main character in Metrukuta's MK Comics as the traditional moron. He is credited for coining the phrase 'Klinkerpoop,' a meme which roughly translates to 'Big, Fat, Green, Constipated Monkey'. (This monkey was later depicted as Klinker King.) It didn't take long for his famous word to become the basis for the name of the first MAS Comic, Project Klinkerpoop.

As expected, he found his way to PK and became the main dummie for the series. Also, his favorite restaurant is IHOP.

Appearances Edit

Takomo has made cameos in many series, having spread like wildfire throughout the Multi-Author Series circle.

Series in which he is a main characterEdit

  • MK Comics (all versions thereof)
  • KN Comics
  • Project Klinkerpoop

Series in which he is a secondary characterEdit

Series in which Takomo has made cameo appearancesEdit

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