Tales of the Dark Hunter  ~ Reloaded is a comic series by Zahaki based on his original series Tales of the Dark Hunters which was his first comic series. Early September Zahaki decided that he wanted to bring back TotDH Because he believed there was alot untold in the original, and he wanted to bring back the story-line along with new twists.  



Dark Hunters

Character Description
Zahaki The Main Villain of these Comics if you root for the Good Side. He is smart, Dangerous, and not a Vahki.
Protorak Zahaki’s right hand man. Protorak’s past is un-known, the one thing what is known of him, is that he can shape shift into anyone he comes into contact with.
Vorarak An Ex-Dark Hunter, after being banished he joined Zahaki because he was promised that he would get his revenge on those who destroyed his life.
Antidermis Antidermis can be a pain in the neck sometimes, but thats because he has his four arms wrapped around it. He is the PGS character of Omega Deception.
Arkshi A Rakshi found by Protorak in a jail made by the organazion what is trying to stop Zahaki.
Zarnax Zarnax is an Makuta that teams up with Zahaki, but is un-known where his loyalty lies. He is the PGS character of Arkatox.
??? Corrupted info.


The Org

Character Description
Boss His True name is un-known, Only a few Matoran know it.
Kaneihe Kaneihe is an Ta Matoran from Metru-Nui. He joined the org after his friends all dared him. He is always getting in trouble .
Maukii She is the first Female in this series.  She is smart and fast in the field, and has a little crush on Kaneihe
Korix Korix, or Toa Korix, is an Toa of Water and Air. He might be skilled with his two elements, but with a blade, he has two left hands.
Lekas Toa is Lekas, is a Toa of Nature. Unlike most Toa, Lekas doesn’t believe in valences.


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