Tapika (Character)


Species : Matoran
Comics : Private Eye Tapika
Kanohi : Kakama
Colors : Charcoal Grey, Charred red
Element : Fire
Occupation : Detective
Tools : Broom
Location : Taone Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : ta-PEE-kah

This article is about the character Tapika. You might be looking for information on the real Tapika.

Tapika is a matoran of Fire. He is regularily out of a job.

Character overview

Tapika is most prominent in two seperate universes - the International ComicContinuity and the North-Western Isles Continuity. Both of them have a tendancy to do silly or stupid things. He was the creator of Toaster in I MADE THIS, his main appearance in the NWI universe. In the ICC universe he is regularily out of a job. In the Taone Nui Offline Game he is a sewer maintainer, and after that, he becomes a detective.


  • Tapika once appeared in The Mercenus Chronicles, in a now entirely non-canon segment.
  • He has also appeared in Dark709's Comics, during his breif period of time he was cursed to be an EVIL Holy Chair. He stuck around for a bit.


  • Tapika was the first character ever created by his namesake, Tapika.
  • He has been featured in many universes, owing to his creator's slow but steady popularity.
  • Tapika was once discontinued by his creator to focus on other types of series, but is now slowly coming back into use.

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