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"We're not entirely sure what we've been bringing you, but we can assure you we've been bringing this kind of stuff to you since 2008!"
— TavKorp slogan

TavKorp, or Tavakai Corporation, is a fictional company that Tavakai decided to center his topic around. It has no appearance whatsoever in canon comic series, but Tavakai's comic series run under its banner. And since TavKorp, being by Tavakai, is part of the International ComicContinuity, they all fly under its banner as well.


Tavakai liked the idea of having multiple series, but didn't want to have to deal with keeping lots of topics alive by updating each one consistently. When he saw Turaga Dlakii's Comic Emporium, he decided he would make something of that sort. He would only need an original name, which he came up with some time later.

It was going to be put into action whenever Tavakai released a series after VakamaTK's Comics, and this series turned out to be A Room With a Mahi.


VakamaTK's Comics

Main article: VakamaTK's Comics

This was Tavakai's original series, back when his name was VakamaTK. It was fairly successful despite the mostly low quality.

It included 25 storyline comics, seventeen guest star comics (including the record-breaking 564-panel one), and a fair amount of special comics. It began in February 2008, and this date has been adopted as the founding date of TavKorp.

A Room With a Mahi

Main article: A Room With a Mahi

A series that has all but no fourth wall, RWAM was intended as a comedic filler and a relief for Tavakai from working on his movie. It will have a sequel once the movie is completed.

Tavakai: The Movie

Though it has been in production for a while, Liveswif issues, computer crashes, and general Murphy's Law circumstances have occurred, meaning the movie has not yet been released. It has had a great deal of thought put into the plot, though.

Tavakai later decided to write it as an epic, at least at first. He is currently done with fourteen chapters, and getting up to the climax. The entire epic will be finished, and each chapter given a header image, before it begins to be posted on BZP.


Comic Maker Advent Calendar

For Christmas 2010, a comic was made for the Comic Maker Advent Calendar started by Lavaside Rahi. The comic featured The Caroler singing a song parody.

Third Anniversary Strip: Courtroom Chaos

To commemorate the third anniversary, Tavakai made a 10-day strip with one story arc. It was very well received, with many new people posting. It also had a number of cameos: Kaytal the Lehvak King, Cei, Vahi, Lavaside Rahi, Venom, Miraka, Philipnova798, Makito, Byylan, BB246, Aquatic Lewa, Dlakii, Fried Ingenuity, Coleanuva, Gerlicky, Philbert, Janaro, Tapika, Toaster, Nuparurocks, Nuzar, Legolover-361, Gatotak, Shadonix, Darcsyde, Garda, Biocryptid21, Mayeur Donz, and The Bohrok Lord.

Topic Information

TavKorp is hosted in the topic that originally contained only VakamaTK's Comics, but was changed to its current state on September 21, 2010. It can be found here.


  • The TavKorp topic is currently the oldest active ICC topic in Artwork III, and the sixth oldest active overall.

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