Species : Matoran
Comics : Blade Titan974's Comics
Kanohi :
Colors : Metru Red, Red, silver
Element : Ruru
Occupation : Comic character
Tools : Lightsaber
Location : Meta-Nui
Status : Heading for Ko-Meta
Pronunciation : Tek-AH-Too

Tekatu is a character and moron in Blade Titan974's Comics.


Blade Titan974's Comics

Before Comics

It's not known when exactly, Tekatu and Blade Titan974 met or even when Tekatu and Chokii met. Though it is rumored that the two (Tekatu and Chokii) met before the Matoran of Metru-Nui moved to Meta-Nui. It was during the move that Chokii and Tekatu met Onepu, who was still smart. After an awesome adventure of some sort, they officially became the Idiot Trio and joined Blade Titan's comics.

Chapter 1: Before It Began

Tekatu has played a major role in the comics (about as much as his fellow Idiot Trio pals). First appearing in the trio's introductory comic in Blade Titan's Muffin Vault (although he made a one panel appearance in the first comic saying his only line-Pizza). Since then, he has become a source of humor including when he met Glablob (and spazzed out soon afterwards), having Katoka falling in love with and almost marrying him (albeit against his own will), shoot his Underwear (which somehow Gerlicky knows about) and launching a rocket that would blow up a little then half of the island on the fourth of July.

Chapter 2: Quest for the Meta Sword

Tekatu is the most influential character of this mini-saga. One day, he was bored and when Battle Arachnoid infiltrated the studio to kill Chokii. Tekatu wanted to know is BA would want to play with him (after threatening to get Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick him if he was looking for Chokii). After their fun (and the toilet exploding on Blade Titan who exclaims "Ooh... My mouth was open that time), BA revealed to Tekatu about a book that contains information on the Meta Sword. Later, Tekatu broke up with Katoka and joined Blade on his mission to Ko-Meta.

He currently wields a red Lightsaber as his weapon. And is also revealed to have been kidnapped by Storm Lasher479, only to be released by his pals and attacked by BA. He survived, but won't befighting for a while.

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