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Species : Matoran (Pre-Hiatus)
Bohrok-Like Matoran With Medical Condition(Post-Hiatus)
Comics : Striplack-of-sanity and Others
Kanohi : Hau Nuva
Colors : Red and Orange
Element : Fire
Occupation : Comic Maker, Story Writer, Artist, Podcast Host(real life)
Tools : Guns, Microphone, Computer
Location : Cndisclosed
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : tent-wun-six-tee-three-fan-toke-a
"I am the righter of wrong, wronger of right, and confuser of BZPower. I am super active!"
— The 1st part of tent's personal statement.

tent163phantoka is a BZPower member, most commonly known for his comedies and for being a member of the Comedies Critics Club.

His past comic series have died due to lack of posts. He is currently planning a MAS and solo series.


  • tent163phantoka posts in green Comic Sans MS, and he dislikes it when the "t" in name

    tent's spritesheet

    is capitalized.

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