The Adventure Squad


Author(s) : Philipnova798, Skorpyo, Nuparurocks, Gavla, Kahinuva, Sir Kongukopeke of Bobooba, Aquatic Lewa, Ultimate Kardas, Kazi the Matoran, Makito
Current Season : 1
Medium : RZMIK
Island : Wetland City
Main Enemies : Mutated Matoran, Korasai
Number of Movies : None planned
Started On : Wednesday October 7, 2009
Location : The Ocean Around the Comic Land
Status : Slow, Due to Lack of Comics, currently Temp. Closed
Pronunciation : N/A

The Adventure Squad is a Multi Author comic series that Philipnova798 has planed since late December of 2007. It was released on October 7, 2009.


The idea came when Phil was working on Project Unlikely and reading Generic Quest. Since he co-created the former series. He decided to make his own comic series. At first, the series was going to be a parody of four current Multi Author comic series-Project Klinkerpoop, Generic Quest, Heroes and Project Unlikely. But over the course of a few weeks, its plot changed. Also, one of the plots considered (but quickly scrapped by the author) was an exploration in a mine where the group gets trapped and are fighting to survive from rock creature Matoran.

Plot Overview

The BZMetru exploring group is an operation that works closely with the BZGuards. A team of explorers (Veterans Phil, Kazi and Jiigoo and rookies Gav, Skorp, NR, Sir Kongu, Aqua Lewa, Kahi and UK) and their commander, General Dagger. Along with a few other exploring teams, are about to explore the temple of Skrall. When their planes crash into the ocean. The group wakes up to find themselves in a ravaged city full of Mutated Matoran. Now, it's race to not only get back to civilization, but also for their lives.


The story begins at the BZMetru Explorers School. Where the Rookies (Gav, Skorp, UK, NR, Sir Kongu, Kahi and Aqua Lewa *Who was using the bathroom at the moment*) are getting scolded by their teacher, Stan. Stating that they haven't improved since they started their training and that the best way to remedy this is to go on a mission with three of the veterans on a mission to the Island Skrall to explore the caves of Ta-Skrall. The next day, the explorer group (sans Vahi) head to the Island in an uneventful trip, until a strange reading comes to the pilots attention. They inform their passengers about what happens and crash lands into the ocean.

Later that day, a search Helicopter flies by, the solder say that he cannot find either wreckage or crew and says that the helicopter should return to base. Meanwhile Jiigoo, waking from his nap sees the bodies of the pilots around him, covered in blood (He too is covered in their blood). So Jiigoo decides to find his team, coming across a sign that states the the closest city, that being Wetland City. As he decides to head there, a tall Matoran appears behind the rocks, talking unintelligibly.

Meanwhile in Wetland City, Susan mourns (unenthusiastically) over the loss of Joe's Landfood Grill as Junko comes over with news about Jiigoo. The two let him in and Junko takes Jiigoo to his crew. Stan is pleased about Jiigoo's survival, but says that they need to get out of the city. And just as he's about to do such a thing, a group of Mutated Matoran attack and kill Stan in front of the others. After the bloodshed clears, Henry says that he has returned (referring to one of the series's villains, Korasai). Meanwhile, a pair of red eyes are seen as Korasai says "The plan is finally coming together..."

Later, after another (albeit offscreen) attack, with NR's arm getting a hairline fracture. Susan tells the Matoran that he is at the bottom of the ocean. She also tells him of a lost city that was split into two and was taken over by a presence. Meanwhile, Kahi, Gavla and Henry are talking to each other, wondering where Aquatic Lewa was (He was in the bathroon at Joe's, as Gavla pointed out). Henry tells his side to the story, sheding some light on the origins of the Mutated Matoran. Gav, Kahi and Aquatic Lewa offer to help out in the fight against these mutated monstrosities. Henry tells them that they don't know what they're against. Korasai is then seen wanting to see how they react against Infector.

Filler comics

  • Smack by Gavla- NR and Kongukopeke (with the female body) wait for the plane to take off. NR decides to see why it is taking so long. Only for a crew member of the plane to smack NR off screen. NR comes back with a black eye with Kongukopeke asking NR if that's a new look. NR tells him to shut up.
  • A Different Kind of Comic by Makito- Makito (seen as his typical two shade Chimoru Omega form) is seen sailing his Roflboat when it sinks. Form then on, it becomes a mess of randomness including Makito killing Infector with his Lazor.
It is then revealed to be a (poorly made) comic that Makito has made and was showing it to the others. When Makito askes if they like it, Gavla tells the others to feed Makito to the sharks. This segment is of higher quality then the rest of the comic.
  • The Nonsensical Adventures of Makito by Makito- A continuation of sorts from his first comic Makito (in all his noob speaking glory) becomes a (purposely, due to the intentionally poor nature of his joke comics) poorly made Toa and fights Infector again. the two briefly engage in a lightsaber duel, which results in Makito winning. The comic then ends with Makito FIRING HIS LAZOR.


The Main Characters

Author Personality
Philipnova798 (Phil) In this comic series, Phil is more or less a person that wants to make sure that everyone is okay. He is also afraid of Skorp's Shrunken head and hates Mutated Matoran a lot.
Skorpyo (Skorp) Skorp is one of the youngest Matoran of the crew, he's interested in finding the secret on what happened to the airplane.
Gavla (Gav) Gav is the tough guy of the bunch, or so everybody thinks. Deep down inside, Gav is as scared as everybody because of the Mutations.
Nuparurocks (NR) Info coming soon.
Kahinuva (Kahi) Kahi is a technical genius. But even he doesn't know why the plane crashed into the Ocean. He is also the Replacement Author for Venom.
Sir Kongukopeke of Bobooba (Sir Kongu) He is a Kongu clone as his teammates call him. But in actuality, he's smart, but cowardly. He also wears a different mask than Kongu.
Aquatic Lewa (Aqua Lewa) An extremely inexperienced rookie with minimal training. Aquatic Lewa joined the force only a couple of days before the trip to Skrall.
Jiigoo A Heavy sleeper. He was asleep during the plane crash.
Ultimate Kardas
Kazi the Matoran
Makito A newcomer and NR's Younger Brother. He was the only survivor on a ship that sank after a Mutant Matoran attack. He wears a Hawaiian shirt, tends to make tons of Music references and tends to act noobish at times.

Former Authors

They were set to appear in series, but Vahi quit before the series started, Nid declined and the deal with Venom fell through. They appeared in the first comic, Vahi is revealed to be sneaking off the plane before it takes off. Nid and Venom are seen as statues. Recently, Venom has complained about where he was. He has since been confirmed to be returning in the second cycle of the series.

Other explorer crew members

Character Personality
Captain Dagger One of the survivors (aside from the Authors themselves) of the plane crash. He's noble and the leader of the Explorers.
Iron Arm Jones A wise strong Matoran that often gives advice to the others. He survived the plane crash.
Stan Strictor He's the strict member of the group. He survives in the crash but is soon killed by a horde of Mutated Matoran in front of the others.
B.O.B He is a robot sent to help the group when their whereabouts are found out by the remaining Explorers back at base.
Domino The head of the Explorers as soon as the whereabouts of the survivors are found.
Victor Vicegrip The head of the science division of the BZ Metru Explorers. He goes with B.O.B to search for the plane crash survivors.

The Rebels

Rebel Personality
Henry The leader of the bunch. He hates the Mutated Matoran and dislikes the fact that there are others to help out.
Susan A female Le-Matoran. She is in charge of finding and recruiting all new rebels before they become Mutated Matoran.
Junko A Le-Matoran that lives in a trash can for protection from the Mutated Matoran.
Brigan A Matoran that lost his eye in a battle against a Mutant.


Villain Personality
Korasai The main villain of the series, and the guy pulling the strings of the Mutated Matoran Army, Not much is known about him in any way.
Infector Korasai's faithful servant and resident scientist. He was the creator of the disease that caused the Matoran of Wetland City to be infected and become mutated.
Sir Stupid He is Infector's stupid assistant. He always gets in the way of Infector's plans and can never do anything right. He is Mind controlled, but due to the Mutation virus being injected into his head accidentally, he can be genuinely stupid. He was originally a member of the Rebels by the name of Aoshi.
Mutated Matoran The Mutated Matoran are innocent civilians of Wetlands City that were exposed to a radically modified mutation formula.

Reception and lack of comics

So far, most reviews of the first comic were mostly positive with the only negative reviews belonging to Doom and Vezon The Piraka. Though while Vezon praised the airport scene in the rushed first comic. Doom went full on criticizing the comics supposed "lack of" humor.

The second and fifth comics (By Phil and NR, respectively) have also garnered phrase for their dark tone and for its plot advancement.

The only comic in the series as of late to get generally negative reviews is Gavla's filler comic.


  • Phil, Skorp, NR and Gav have all worked together on Project Unlikely.
  • The pilots in the first and second comics bear a resemblance to Toa Matau and Whenua when they were Matoran.
  • In late 2008, before the series was started, Rorschach was originally a member. But due to his long absence, he was scrapped.
  • Dawn and Swearing Steve were to make appearances and a scientist and janitor respectively, but were left out of the final product because the creator didn't want any ties to Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0 in this series.
  • B.O.B.'s name was inspired by Bob from Dark709's Comics
  • Originally, the sprite for Sir Kongukopeke of Bobooba had Susan's chest and was seen like that in both comic one and in Gavla's filler. This error has since been corrected for comic two.
  • The Mutated Matoran in Aquatic Lewa's Comic were made up of the author's Sprite sheets (one in particular is Sir Stupid with his parts arranged in different places with Jiigoo's head backwards).

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