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The Adventures of Three Matoran!


Author(s) : Piraka~Mistika
Current Season : 1
Medium : Chimoru Omega, Xaniskit
Island : Mata Nui
Main Enemies : Grayfore
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : April 18, 2010
Location : Teehee's House
Status : Active
Pronunciation : N/A

The Adventures of Three Matoran! is a comic series created by Piraka~Mistika on April 18, 2010.


Character Description
Teehee The sane Le-Matoran of the series. He's noisy and likes the color pink.
Tofufu A Ta-Matoran, He thinks that everything that Grayfore does is evil. Which it is at times.
Tarfy A Matoran that is always happy. Even when others around him aren't. He also has a Stunt Double that works for Piraka~Mistika
Jalla199 An energetic Ta-Matoran. He is the author of his own series: Jalla199's Comics.
Greyfore Another PGS, although a scientist. He serves as the series' villian and is the creator of the Animatron V3.
Matthew Greyfore's Henchman. He's the only character in the series to be made with Xaniskit.
.:Reznas:. The calmest of the cast. He normally has a positive outlook of things unless his friends are in danger. He too is another PGS.
Hapori Dume The Main villain from Dark709's third movie. He serves as a villain too. But has yet to appear.

Guest Stars

  • Karl Reynold McBoom (aka Capt Karl)


The series has mostly gotten mixed reviews, mostly focusing of the lack of backgrounds for the first few comics.

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