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The B Team


Location : Earth; the United States, ex-Soviet states
Comic Series : Generic Quest
Leader : General Haas
Goal : Selling of mercenary services, destruction of Majcorp, legitimization in the public mind
Status : Active
The B Team is a mercenary organization appearing in Generic Quest led by General Conrad Haas, originating from the ex-Soviet states and currently residing in the United States. It is dedicated to the destruction of the Maj Corporation, and seeks legitimacy in the public mind in spite of its soldiers-for-hire work.

In December of 2009, the B Team was informed of the situation with Sir Evil and the Eyefourgott, and thereafter began assisting the heroes in their mission. After the events of the Generic Quest Season One Finale, they were granted immunity from prosecution by the United States Military.

The supposedly dead member Stanley was rescued by The Lone Coolbros and began to work for them.

Known Members


  • The B Team is a clear parody of the A-Team, a fictional group of ex-US Army members working as mercenaries and on the run from the government, which was the main focus of a self-titled 1980's action adventure TV series.
  • As a result of Dokuma's influence, the group also bears significant resemblance to the Delta Squadron from Airforce Delta, a 1999 video game for Dreamcast. Both groups are mercenary organizations that originate from breakaway ex-Soviet republics, and multiple screenshots from the game have been used in Generic Quest to represent the B Team's air capabilities. As a subtle nod to this fact, in the season one finale, Robozonis referred to General Haas as "Mr. Airforce Delta dude," which went unnoticed by readers as all of Robozonis' dialogue is written in Wingdings.

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