The Barraki Own A Comic Strip was a comic seris made by Bioniclechronicler.

There really is no plot, and it is based upon the comedy also released by B.C. How did they get out of the pit? Well, Botar got sick of just watching them sit there, so he zapped them to a sushie bar to spend a thousand years grilling eels. Ehlek, of course, didn't approve. Then, they are turned into chibarraki. (Aka-I was too lasy to build regular bodies for them) Chibarraki are matoran versions of the Barraki, with huge heads.

Crazy-Lihkan38 is a PGS and also a Co-Author.



  • BC: The author and boss of the restaurant
  • Crazy-Lhikan38: A PGS who is crazy about pie
  • Pridak: The bossy softy in the group
  • Mantax: spends all the time watching the 'Girly Girl' show
  • Takadox: The bartender
  • Kalmah: The chef, and smartest character other than BC
  • Ehlek: Barely ever shows up. It is unclear what his job is
  • Carapar: is often called Carrepair, and reads the news a lot. He is the waiter...or would be, if there were any customers...


  • Mr. Jingles: The owner of another competing restaurant. His restaurant doesn't have food, though, so he's pretty bad off. He has some dumb minions as well
  • Matoota: Mr. Jingles lead henchman...if only he moved
  • Zaktan: doesn't do much, even as one of Jingles' cronies. he's in love with a girl version of Darth Vader.
  • Iron Man: is another minion. He just stands there, hovering in midair.
  • Smogg: hasn't even shown up in the comics


The comics also include two brand new sagas-Cobweb of Shadows and Barraki Wars. Barraki wars includes barraki versions of the Star Wars characters, including Darth Jingles, B.C. Piewalker, Obi-Pun-Kenhoboe, Han Shallon, and Ace Findu. Cobweb of Shadows is an adventure in which the crew teams up with the mysterious Toa Cucumber to fight Smogg.

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