The Bohrok Lord


Species : Matoran
Comics : The Comics of the Morons, Gavla's Comics, Civil War, Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0
Kanohi : Silver Akaku (only when Tahnok-Kal head sprite is not available)
Colors : Green and Silver
Element : Air
Occupation : Retired comic maker, Active RZMIK spriter
Tools : varies
Location : none of your business
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N\A

The Bohrok Lord, also known as Sharnak and simply TBL, is a BZPower comic maker and spriter. He well known for his first and currently only comic series, The Comics of the Morons. While he is currently retired from comic making, he is planning a comeback.


The Bohrok joined BZP in November 5, 2007. He visited many topics, but posted in few. Unlike new, young members, TBL remained relatively silent, making few topics and posting if need be. His real intent was to make a comic series, which would latter become The Comics of the Morons. The original draft was a clear and dead Dark709 knock-off, but due a powerful computer virus and technical difficulties, all content was erased from the computer, forcing him to start over. The next draft left out some characters and plot points. A few months latter, he finally posted The Comics of the Morons. It gained him some fame, after several closures, most of it was lost.


TBL appeared in several comic series. He was originally the main character in his own comics, but was latter retconned to be a character based off him, Sharnak. He officially appeared in an announcement comic, which quickly became a comic where Sharnak sang the lunberjack song.

He also guest stared in a handful of other comics. He appeared in The Tales of Idiodicy and in Philipnova798's Comic Factory to name a few. Perhaps his most famous appearance was in Gavla's Comics where he was PGS and latter a character.

He formerly co-authored in Gavla's comics and in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0. (And was retired near the change to Xaniskit happened, due to a lack of Bohrok Xanis sprites and retirement of the comic maker's career) The Bohrok Lord is an author in Civil War, making it the only series he is still active in and his first MAS he participated in.

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