The Chilli God


Species : God
Comics : The Rise and Fall of the Toa
Kanohi : Hau
Colors : Red, Purple
Element : Chilli
Occupation : God
Tools : Chilli Blades
Location : Olympus
Status : Active
Pronunciation : "N/A"

The Chilli God, often called Chilli, is a BZPower member and comic maker who has been part of BZPower longer than any other comic maker active today. His comics, The Rise and Fall of the Toa, were quite popular, until their eventual close. He started making comics around the middle of 2003 and has made over 500 comics since then. Chilli hardly ever visits BZPower without posting a comic, because he is twenty years old and very busy.

As of June 2009, he has retired from comic making, mainly due to loss of interest.


In TRAFOTT, Chilli is a god and lives in Olympus, the home of all gods, with his real life friends and CyberKN, which are gods too. Tahu obeys him, since he obeys chilli as a holy plant. On his character profile page stands this:

"The documenter of all the events that happen on Mata Nui, according to what he wants them to be. Previously named Dinony or Brendan, The Chilli God was given his new position by the old Chilli God for reasons unknown. The Chilli God (Or, Chilli) gets teased a lot by the other gods, but he knows he is really in charge."

Tools and Powers

As a god, Chilli has the power over his element, and that would be chilli. Chilli does have the power to send visions to the lower beings, to help them. He's got two Chilli Blades when he became a god, which he uses if he needs to.

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