The Comic Land Continuity is a continuity started by Dark709 that has since been used my many numerous mambers on the BZP Comic Forums. Although it is not a continuity in the sense of the International ComicContinuity or the Next Generation Continuity, in that there are no members and there is no real crossovers between comics, it is a common setting for newbie comic series to take place. As of right now, only three major authors are attached to this Continuity: Dark, Superkid11 and Philipnova798.

List of comics in this continuity

The Dark709 series

Following Dark709's Comics: The Movie, all of Dark709's stuff has since taken place on The Comic Land. The following works are:

The Superkid11 Series

Superkid11's new series SK Inn takes place simultaneously in this and in the International Comic Continuity.

The Philipnova798 series

The latest of the bunch. Philipnova798 shows a lot more of The Comics Land than what has been seen so far. The following works are:

These comics are not fully canon, but are enough to be considered as they retain the mythos of Dark's series (as well as Bob, Onepu Nuva, Sir Pickles and Mr. Zimmwad).

The fan items

There are way too many to list. But there have been a lot of fan works that has either taken place on the Comics Land or features the Comics Land.

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