The Declassifieds


Author(s) : Ocrist and Dokuma
Current Season : Abandoned
Medium : Bioniplush, The ToM Kit 2
Island : N/A
Main Enemies : BZPower Spammers
Number of Movies : None
Started On : December 8, 2006
Location : N/A
Status : Dead (Abandoned After One Comic)
Pronunciation : N/A

The Declassifieds was a comic series by Ocrist and Dokuma.


The Declassifieds was intended to focus on the fictional Counter-Spammer Unit's struggle with spammers bent on disrupting BZPower, in parody of the action/drama series 24. The project was abandoned in spite of the series' great potential and only one comic was ever made; an introduction comic. The series was notable for its combined use of Bioniplush and the ToM Kit 2.

As the BZPower member Ocrist was banned in 2007, there are currently no plans to resurrect the series.


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