The Genie of the Lake


Species : Toa Like Genie
Comics : The BZP Three Season Two
Kanohi : Noble Matatu
Colors : Light bule with sea green hands and feet
Element : N/A
Occupation : Genie
Tools : Able to grant three wishes
Location : The lake
Status : Unknown
Pronunciation : N/A

The Genie Of The Lake is a wish-granting spirit from The BZP Three Season 2. He lives on the southern shores of Lard Lake.

Character OverviewEdit

The Genie of the Lake is a Legend among matoran. He rarely is seen to anyone. But Default and Bob, The Rahkshi of Pie have seen him.

Default's WishEdit

One day, Default was walking around down near the lake complaining about how he is never used in the comics. When Default found the Genie, he wished that he was in charge of The BZP Three, With very negative results. Fortunately, his wish only lasted for a little while as Nuparurocks and Makito found the Genie and wished that everything was back to normal.

Bob's WishEdit

A few days after Default's wish, Bob, the Rahkshi of Pie, Was walking around down near the lake complaining about how he is never used. Then Bob discovered the Genie, Who granted him three wishes. Bob turned to the viewer and smiled deviously. It's entirely possible that he wanted to do something bad to NR.

In Nuparurocks' ComicsEdit

The Genie of the Lake was featured in Nuparurocks' Comics, where he granted Kirta a wish.

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