The Gunman


Species : Matoran
Comics : The Maniac Events
Kanohi : Black, rusty Ruru
Colors : Black, grey, red on torso
Element : No element
Occupation : Serial killer, hitman, rebel
Tools : Shotgun
Location : N/A
Status : Alive; hunting down The Maniacs
Pronunciation : N/A

The Gunman is the primary antagonist in The Maniac Events. He constantly tries to kill The Maniacs, but always fails - thanks to (as is The Maniac Events tradition) Rutok outsmarting him. He is very cynical and rebellious. It was shown in Comic 7 that he can only use a shotgun and nothing else thanks to a contract, foiling his plans to kill Lehrix with an M-15 Assault Rifle. He is currently preparing for a duel with The Bandit who has taken over The Maniac Dump.


Nothing is known about The Gunman's past and what drove him to be such a vicious killer and the author has no plans to reveal it yet. It is presumed he was a rebel since youth. He is also presumed to be a hunted down criminal and skilled killer, just not as skilled as Rutok in reflexes with his swordfighting often striking him down first.

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