The Shajrah, the symbol of the Hakim religion.


The Hakim Religion is the primary belief structure of the Hakim from Emkay's Worlds Beyond The Horizon Of The Mind.

Core Beliefs

The Hakim believe that the world was created by a divine being in the form of a spider called the Ankab Shaddai and that Allira is the center of all creation. The Ankab Shaddai had a son and two daughters: Karadaya, Yuzaraal, and Midrazazyl respectively.

At some point in time, Karadaya rebelled against the Ankab Shaddai, kidnapped Midrazazyl, and manipulated Yuzaraal into taking complete control over Allira. Yuzaraal, however, eventually realized their wrongdoings and planned to tell the Ankab Shaddai of their crimes. Karadaya saw this as a threat so he murdered Yuzaraal.

When the Ankab Shaddai learned that Karadaya kidnapped one sibling and killed another, she sent him into eternal exile. Midrazazyl's whereabouts are presently unknown.

The Hakim Credo

1 Cover

The Credo's cover

The primary religious texts of the Hakim is a book called the Hakim Credo that tells the story of creation all the way to the prophecies of destruction.

It is usually written in two languages: the native Hakim language and English.



Before the world, there existed only the Ankab Shaddai, the Boundless Spider. The Spider witnessed the empty void before Her and became forlorn, and so the Spider spun a web for which She could stand upon. The Spider stepped down unto Her creation and from Her gentle touch forged the stars. She saw this and was pleased.

The Ankab Shaddai then strummed the many fibers of Her vast entanglement and they resonated harmoniously, giving form to the dark void. And thus the world was born.

The Ankab Shaddai stepped unto the world and from Her touch spawned the verdure that encompassed the land. And from Her lips She cantillated a sovereign melody that caused the land to tremor and resonate and be reduced to water. The Spider submerged Her foot into the infant ocean and from it spawned the many creatures and She said to them "Go forth and disperse unto the land and sky. Grow and prosper." She saw the world flourish and was pleased.

The Ankab Shaddai turned to face the edge of the sky and thus spoke "Rise" and the sun did rise and the light blanketed the world from its kingdom on the horizon. Never to rise above. Never to fall below. The Spider then pointed to its kingdom and bestowed a crown over the world that would distend along the heavens.

The Spider turned to the land and sang a melody more beautiful than the one before and a mass of life arise from the ground. Life with the power of reason and emotion. Life capable of great things. She called the life the Hakim. The Spider thus spoke to the Hakim "This world is yours. It is my gift to you."

...ground shook and echoed the cries of the dispossessed, the great
Tw'man opened its mighty maw and swallowed the world.
The Light was cast to a towering spire that protruded...

The Shajrah

The Shajrah is a holy symbol in the Hakim religion that represents the Ankab Shaddai and its three children.


  • Hanging on a wall in Ghern's home.
  • On the cover of the Hakim Credo.
  • Engraved on the outside of the temple Laeva.
  • A section of the symbol is engraved onto the Monolith located in Laeva.
  • A section of the symbol is on the abdomen of the Ankab Shaddai seen in a vision.
  • The stars in the sky in Emkay's first vision after seeing Allira for the first time correspond to segments of the symbol.

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