The Homework Log


Author(s) : Jiigoo, Ziko,Oni, Khols, Arbiter, Kothra, Darman
Current Season : One
Medium : RZMIK
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : Homework?
Number of Movies : None
Started On : September 16, 2009
Location : Inside Homework
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : N/A

The Homework Log was a MAS originally conceived by Jiigoo and Ziko. It's other co-authors were Khols, Kothra, Darman, Arbiter, and formerly Oni. It follows the story of a group of people who are sucked into their homework. It has since died from lack of posts and revival.


The comics started out with Jiigoo finishing his homework. He is interrupted by Toupaka, who demands that Jiigoo do his homework to, or face his Windex. Jiigoo complies, and when he falls asleep, he is sucked into his homework. Meanwhile, Ziko is doing his homework, when it begins glowing and he falls in. Arbiter is taken into his Spanish homeowork, which he can barely understand. Khols accidentally enters. Kothra falls into the homework.

Jiigoo manages to get stuck into the paper of the homework, and when he finally gets out, he discovers Creed staring at him. He flips out and runs away. This is where Kothra meets Jiigoo, when he falls on him. Jiigoo pops out of existence, and Kothra assumes "the pose."

Darman, who was already in the homework, recieves some 'stache points from Toupaka, who was drawing on his face.


The Homework Log has been praised for its unique plot idea. However, because it is early in the series, there isn't much other commentary regarding it. Reviews have faded down and the topic has sunk into the depths of the forum. Recently, the topic has gotten some more recognition, and has come back to life.

Co-Authors and GSs

The Homework Log was not really accepting co-authors, but people applied anyway. Darman was accepted because he appealed to Ziko and Jiigo with a Mario reference.


Ziko approached Jiigoo about making a comic series together. He agreed, and they began to contemplate. Some working titles were "It's Called Yes," "Homework," and "The Kitten Caboodle." It also went through many plot ideas before settling on this one. For example, at one point, it was going to parody various movies. Eventually, Jiigoo came up with the idea for a comic about homework, and Tropic instantly agreed. He made a header for it, and they invited a group of authors to work on it with them.


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