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The Inevitability Factor is Johnuva's "most ambitious comic project to date".


So far, as a comedy-centric series, there is no real plot or continuing storyline besides the earliest of the series' comics, in which Johnuva was just basically setting up the studio and served to get the series started.


Main Characters


Johnuva is the head of the studio.


Sharna is a matoran of electricity, as shown by her blue-and-white armour. She auditioned for the series in order to improve her acting and public relations.


Rahnga appeared to have no reason for auditioning, but was given the part anyway. He is incredibly stubborn, never liking to admit that he is in the wrong, and often refusing to let others get the better of him.

Secondary characters


Joe is a construction worker, manager of a group of builders who were hired out to build Johnuva's new studio.


Lackey is a matoran forced to act as a servant to Rahnga by Rahnga himself.

Guest starring

Johnuva does take requests for guest stars, but one can not request to be a Permanent Guest unless they have been in the comics before as a guest star.

Gavla, the first guest star, is also the first Permanent Guest and it is currently unknown if Johnuva will accept any more.


  • Johnuva was inspired to start the series after reading some of Nuparurocks' daily strips.
  • Johnuva's favourite character in the series is Rahnga.
  • Johnuva has placed several references and in-jokes about his previous series' in some of the comics: His old characters and unused concepts appear in the audition comics, and a few comic 'cool dudes' were based off some of his old 'cool dudes'. Joe, the builder in the first comic, was the same builder hired out in Punch Line, Incorporated, and was paid the same price for a very similar studio. In Gavla's guest star comic, the talking cardboard cut-out, which appeared in Punch Line, Incorporated (and was used to introduce guest stars), was mentioned, but not seen. A future comic will feature "props" from previous series, including character sprites and other such random objects.
  • A running joke of the series involves Rahnga. Whenever Rahnga sees or hears something he despises, he narrows his eyes, and in the following panel, he gets a close-up, and is slightly tilted. This has happened twice so far: In Gavla's Guest Star comic, and in Johnuva's fourth-year Rahaga head comic, mistaking the sculpture for a real Rahaga head.
  • The series is to be revived from its current hiatus in March. Sharna will be completely removed from the series, and Lackey will become a main character.

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