The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker


Author(s) : Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen
Current Season : Season one
Medium : Rayg 2.0 and Rayg 2.5
Island : Hapori-nui (The Comic land)
Main Enemies : Mr.Turkambottom, Visarahk, Anti-Johnson, Sasuku
Number of Movies : 1. 2nd coming
Started On : First one: Mar 14 2007

Second one: Apr 29 2007

Location : The Comic Land
Status : Popular
Pronunciation : N/A

The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker is a comic series created by Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen. Eljay looks up to the big makers, like Dark709 and Rangan Mercenus. At present, The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker is the fourteenth-biggest active topic in Artwork III on BZPower.

LJ hired Eggbert as a co-author and most recently, Vezon The Piraka.

The first one

On Mar 14 2007, at 02:12 AM, Eljay made a comic series called 'The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker'. They were OK, some people posted, but it soon died. So he went on to make a new comic series.


On Apr 29 2007, at 01:32 AM, Eljay made a new comic topic. This was called 'The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker 2.0'. This one did much better and received more posts. The new topic went on for one year, and is still going. Even though it is 2.0, Eljay still like to call it by its first name. The general plot of this comic series isn't too different from a situation comedy; several characters living under one roof, and several events seeming to happen to those characters, however, the ending of each comic generally resolves to peace. With this style of plot, a comic reader would not have to read the entire comic series to understand it, and could probably survive missing a comic or two.


There are many characters in TLLOACM, but, here is most/some/all of them.

The good guys

Character Description
Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen The comic maker, he has been wanting to make comics for a long time, and so, he did. He likes to make others laugh. He claims to be the only Toa of Mangosteen, however, it could be possible that there may be more. He has a habit of Eating a mangosteen in almost every comic.
Fred The first character, he is nuts over bananas. He was the first to been seen, besides Eljay. Doesn't have too high an I.Q, but he is still here. Was once Toa of fruit (but not mangosteen).
Rainbow A smart, pink loving Av-Matoran. She has tried to take over the comics on Pink day, but is not evil. Has a very high on I.Q. Was once a Toa of color.
Burner Yes, a pyro-maniac, Burner seen with Rainbow. He is smart, and dumb, at the same time, which makes no sense. Was once a Toa of Fire, despite being green and black.
P.J P.J is a Toa of Tennis. His tennis balls go at 130 mph and explode. He does not like pink, and with that, Rainbow, but has been turned pink on both Pink days. Has two tennis rackets.
Rodney Eljay's dad, King Wally loves coffee. And is seen with some in his mouth. But, that is coming down. He is a Toa of Coffee. Has blades almost like Burner's.
Sequoia Eljay's mom, likes chocolate. Has the power to control things, like pepole, and hair. Looks over JJ, Speeder, and Eljay. She is a Toa of Plant Life. She has blade that seem to be two Vahki Vorzakh Staffs of Erasing.
JJ Eljay's older brother, JJ is a Toa of Electricity. He has a recalled Bleeding Hand candle for a Toa tool. No one knows why, but it shoots electricity. He has helped Speeder and LJ with gifts for their mom and dad on mother's day and father's day.
Speeder(PGS) LJ's little brother, was the first to PGS. Is a Toa of Light, maybe once an Av-Matoran. In the past, LJ and Speeder have had clashes with one another, but it appears that this has been resolved. Currently, his weapon is a sword, but it was once a staff. He fights Rainbow many times, mainly on Pink day.
Beasty The first pet to be in the comics, Beasty is LJ's cat. He loves to bite and scratch anyone, but then lick. He comes when LJ calls him and is a loyal pet, but has become lost at least twice in his life time (one time on screen).

Guest Stars

This is a list of GS's that have been in The Lazy Life comics. Eljay once said that he liked to give the best treatment to his GS's (Really meaning he liked to hurt them in the most painful ways ever).

Guest Stars

Guest Star Fate
Eggbert Cut up by two light sabers, then blown away
Sir (Phil) Pickles Blown into ash by a blaster that shoots fire after pretending to be Dark709
Zero the Drifter Pushed off a cliff and fell into a pool of bananas
Toa Poortoran-Toa of Atoms Blown to ashes by Speeder
matoro toa ice Stabbed in the head by one of Eljay's axes
Zakitano:Tiny Toa of Air Turned pink and put into a Wal*Mart
ontez toa of fire Fried and then turned pink
Gavla Unharmed
Hojirick Unharmed
Turaga Dlakii Kicked
Tapika of Shadows One hand frozen in ice
Blademan Toa of Eternal Doom Hit by almost 100 mangosteens
.:Toa Zero:. Hurt by sun light and a blast from Speeder and then taken by Rainbow to get 'treated'
.:Cyber JM:. Turned pink, paralyzed from shock
TXA Went into a coma from brain overload
Kora Unharmed, although went insane and was put in a straight jacket and put in a padded room
Vezon The Piraka Was stabbed in the leg by Shani and then put in a wig and pink skirt by Rainbow and frozen
Kahinuva Unknown. Hurt in someway by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.
HBBGDF Turned into a barbie doll then eaten by a rock


Guests are not Guest Stars nor PGS's. They are in the middle, as they might have a big part in a comic, but only show up in one or two. There have been many Guests, and will be more. Here is a list.


Guest Fate
Lehvorak Unharmed
Alena Punched by Lehvorak, then blasted with shadows by Lai
Brass Unharmed
Ravrahn Kissed an uncounted amount of times by Rainbow


  • Occasionally, random debates arise in the topic about various things, such as LOLcats.
  • The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker has recently become part of The North-western Isles Continuity, the first new comic continuity since The Unknown Turaga Saga, and is currently the only studio based comic series of the continuity.

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