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The Life of The Toys is a comic series hoping to be released Sometime.


This is the cast of the picture comic series:


Character Description
Starscream The backstabbing, idiotic and devious of the Decepticons. Hates Megatron and carries Vezon's staff (much to his dismay). He also comes up with schemes to make money.
Unicron Starscream's best friend and roommate. He is often sane, calm and stern. He doesn't like any of SS' money making plans and often has to work for a living.
Megatron The leader of the Decepticons. He likes taking baths and his rubber duck. He also enjoys ordering his troops around.
The Constructicons This idiot group often works separate from Megatron. They own a construction site and are often prone to acting random.
Tanktron He is the expandable member of the 'Cons. Often he gets blasted, crushed, pushed off an edge (or into the toilet), thrown and other ways of getting rid of people. He survies all of his attacks though. much to the dismay of his teammates.
Trypticon he is often the voice of reason whenever the 'Cons need advice. Unfortunately, he can be sometimes dumb. He is also a follower of Megatron.
Turantulus The spider inventor of the the 'Cons. Sometimes steals Megatron's fusion cannon for his own purposes.
Optimus, Movie Prime and Mini Prime They are the leaders of the Autobots. Movie Prime is cool, calm and is ready to jump into action. Optimus is a scared bot and is pretty much afraid of everything in the universe. While Mini Prime is often teased by his fellow teammates.
Vector Prime One of the first 13 Transformers. Has a grudge against the Fallen and hates being called Vector Slime.
Jazz The 'African Cybertronian' of the Autobots. He often gets ripped into half and is always singing songs by black Americans.
Longarm and Bumblebee An Autobot Duo. BB is mute and Longarm is the gun happy freak of the group
Rattrap A Brooklyn accented robot rat. often says one liners.
Prowl The ninja. He can weld anything. Rarely does he speak and really has a strong dislike to Starscream.


Character Description
The Toa Nuva They are heroes. They never back down and fight until the enemy goes down.
Karzhani One of Starscream's friends. He helps out SS with his schemes. Owns Gadunka
Gadunka Karzhani's pet. He is extremely stupid and says 'Me Gadunka' at the beginning of every sentence. He also LOVES cookies.
The Bohrok A group of idiots (like the Constructicons). But they aren't a random acting as them.
Vezon and Fenrakk A duo that was fused together. Vezon is mentally and physically insane. Fenrakk is the same way. Fenrakk also speaks.
Brutaka A bad guy that doesn't act at all evil. He's addicted to Spore and neglects Vezon's orders. His head is rarely, if ever, seen.
Avak A Piraka (like Vezon) that is insane (but not as insane as Vezon). He likes watching South Park and singing Maddona songs.
Kazi An adventurous matoran. He doesn't Galva after his mutation and has a dislike of dirtiness.
Sarda A Ga-Matoran that likes Kazi. She's a nerd and like Kazi, a neat freak.
Keetongu A endangered Rahi. He is the last of his kind and wise. He also has an addiction to the Mario games

Other cast

Character Description
Insaniac Another insane person. He spins around a lot and talks fast.
Green Goblin One of Spider Man's Villains. He is smarter than any of the other toys in here and makes good use of his time. He is Skeletor's rival.
Skeletor He-Man's villain. He is Green Goblin's rival
The Brontosaurus A Dinosaur that believes that he is a real, miniaturized Dinosaur. Doesn't believe anyone that he is in actuality plastic.

Recurring Characters

Character Description
Patches the Predalien A hybrid of both alien and Predator species. He's only replies to his master.
Bonecrusher A Decepticon that hates everyone and everything. He even hates himself. Threatens to kill everyone on a daily basis and is an 'emo' like cybertronian
Grimlock, Swoop and Slag/Snarl They are the Dinobots. Swoop is smarter then the other two, Slag is the dumbest of the trio and speeks in a very simple way. compared to the others.
Minifigs Miniature Lego people. Most of them are stupid idiots.
Monster Truck A Vehicle that doesn't like what goes on in the room. He is a smart one.
Big Bear A fat, lazy, 3-foot tall bear that doesn't do much. He is one of the dumbest among the bunch
Soundwave and Lazorbeak A Decepticon spy and his pet bird. Soundwave has a cold personality and has no emotions because of that. Lazorbeak can only speak in screeches.
Ratchet Also known as the worst doctor in history. He is always is doing a poor job in keeping his teammates from going offline.
Yuffie Kisaragi Patches' owner. She carries a spiky cross and is best friends with Kazi.
Razorclaw and Rampage another duo. The are best buds and pranksters.
Stretches the Mummy He is the most feeble of the group. He is always tormented by pretty much everybody.
Heatblast A fiery alien. He is a pyromaniac and causes a lot of property damage.
Rescue Heroes A team of people that saves everybody from disasters. Always go after Heatblast.
The Energizer Bunny He just keeps going and going and going and... He his friends with both Patches and Gadunka.
Hapori Tohu The censor of these comics comes every now and then to check up on them.
Other Toys They appear as either one shot characters or background characters.

Plot & Humor

The plot of the comic is about toys and their everyday lives. It's not like a Bad guy/good guy thing. it's just about what they do in their everyday lives. Plus every human knows about them and treat them like normal people, despite their size.

The humor is a little more mature too. Swearing, dismemberment (mostly comedic from Tanktron), suggestive themes, drinking, Comic violence and and talking about drugs will indicate that these comics WILL not be for release on BZPower ever. Instead they are Deviant Art exclusives due to the slightly mature content.

Of course, there is a high possibility that there will be toned down versions for BZPower.

Hand drawn Version

Recently, Philipnova798 has considered on making a hand drawn version of the series. With numerous changes from the Photo comic series. Some changes will (and hopefully) include:

  • Changes of personalities for many characters (Gadunka becoming *slightly* smarter, Kharzani owing a bar located in Phil's room, etc.)
  • Addition of many characters (Including Malum, RoTF Wheelie and a few original characters like Jacko, a killer Jack-in-the-box)
  • An actual Storyline (Exactly when or where this version happens is still under wraps).
  • And of course, addpting many of the toys into Hand Drawn format (Characters look more organic, Fennrakk and Gadunka having a bit more bulk to them, the removal of screws to many characters and the addition of accessories that characters didn't have in the photo series).

This version is set to be released sometime after the release of the Photo series, which has a still-to-be-decided date.

Stop Motion Series

There is also a plan for the series to have a (slightly) more mature Stop Motion series created, animated and staring Philipnova798. This features all of the series' cast and adds more onto it. These shorts are roughly in the same time frame as the Photo Comics.

The voices are mostly cast, The actors as of now are:

  • Philipnova798 (as Phil MacRae)- Malum, Vezon, Fennrakk, Gadunka, Tanktron, Jet, Crumplezone, Mixmaster, Scrapper, Devastator, Vocal effects for Lazorbeak, Ravage, Peter Puppy, Zombie toys, Bohrok and Antrez’s shadow leaches, Flamboyant Megatron, Kazi, Hahli, Starscream, Unicron, Cybertron Optimus Prime, G1 Soundwave, Animated Soundwave, Venom, The Joker, Antroz, Andrew (the Kaxum X1 sidecar Agori), Lugnut, Bumblebee (Whenever voice clips from other series aren’t used), Rampage, The Hawkman, Clayface, additional Voices.
  • Phil's Cousin, Luke Hoar- Boncrusher, Movie Prime, Longarm, Long Haul, Karzhanni, War Machine, Safeguard, Animated Lazorbeak, Spiderman, The Scorpion, Major Duck, Vocal effects for Zombie toys, Bobert (The Kaxium X1 pilot Agori), Green Goblin, Grimlock, Zero The Wing Knight, Additional Voices.
  • Future Voice Actor, Sterling Brown- Hook, Crappy Scrappy, K9, Razorclaw, Ransack, Turantulas, Tahu Nuva, Kurrahk, Gurrahk, Lerahk, Vocal effects for Zombie Toys, the Rahkshi and Bohrok, Powerglide, Swoop, Classics Jetfire, Heatblast, Longrack, additional Voices.

And Gavla (as Gavin Meyers)- Vocal effects for Zombie Toys and Bohrok, Garan, Beast Megatron, Animated Prowl, Bumblebee (Whenever voice clips from other series aren’t used), Avak, Wheelie, Rattrap, Vector Prime, Hightower, vocal effects for Zombie Toys and Bohrok, additional Voices.

  • Sound footage from inumerable TV shows, Movies and songs are also used to voice Bumblebee.

Casting is still being considered as the characters left to be cast are: Tifa, Yuffie, Nokama, Gali Nuva, The French Pirate, Monstertruck, Marcus Finix, Landmine, Kopaka Nuva, Pohatu Nuva, Onua Nuva, Ratchet, Jazz, Sideswipe, Scattershot, Weckloose, Undermine, Octane, Goradon, Kyroge, Metagross, Deceptifire, Vorahk, Turahk, Panrahk, Pahrak Kal, Rediak, Hot Shot, Downshift, Vocal effects for Zombie Toys and Chimchar, Breakdown, The floating Genie Head, Sir Alfred McPersonPerson, Movie Bonecrusher, Kiina, White Tigerzord, Brushguard, Dead End, Trypticon and many more as they're added.

The Music is being provided by Nuparurocks and the series will be released late in April of 2010.

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