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The Lone Coolbros


Location : Earth; the United States
Comic Series : Generic Quest
Leader : Fighty
Goal : debunking government propaganda, defending associates of the Last Brigade and B Team
Status : Active

The Lone Coolbros are a group of anti-U.S. government conspiracy theorists lead by Fighty in the series Generic Quest.


They spent a lot of time researching the B Team and the planet situation, which brought them into contact with former Agent Kortu Cobain, who had been heavily researching related topics.

When Kortu was captured by the government, he instructed another researcher, Rorschach, to join the Lone Coolbros and give them his instructions. The Lone Coolbros were rescuing the presumed-dead B Team member Stanley from the arctic at the time, but organized a meeting in which Rorschach relied Kortu's instructions, but were unable to assist him in breaking out of the prison because it was on Mars. They are currently on Earth, possibly waiting for more instruction.



  • Just as the B Team is a reference to the A-Team, a mercenary group from an 80's TV show of the same name, The Lone Coolbros are a reference to The Lone Gunmen, a trio of ardent conspiracy theorists, government watchdogs and computer hackers who frequently assisted central characters Mulder and Scully on the 90's-00's TV series The X-Files.
  • The term 'Coolbros' was used regularly in the Generic Quest topic to describe cool people.

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