The Misfortunes of the Makuta in Karda Nui (MMKN for short) is a photo-comic series created by Johnuva.


The main characters, as the title implies, are the Makuta of Karda Nui.

  • Antroz - The leader of the Makuta - always seen in Jetrax form and many times in the Jetrax.
  • Vamprah - The "silent" Makuta. Subsequently angers Chirox quite a lot.
  • Chirox - The "angry" Makuta. Always tries to strangle Vamprah for some reason.
  • Gorast - The last Female Makuta. Gorast enjoys wearing a cloak and pretending to be a vampress.
  • Bitil - The sane Makuta, he seems to regret his choice of working with the others.
  • Krika - The "sadistic" Makuta, he makes fun of the other characters and "never lets a sleeping Dog lie".

There are also some other characters, who are other inhabitants of Karda Nui.

  • Photok - The only Av-Matoran in the series. makes a brief appearance at the end of the first episode
  • Lewa Mistika - Often referred to as "the Makuta Hunter". Like Antroz, is nearly always seen on his vehicle.
  • Pohatu Mistika - A Fun-loving toa who always likes to "stick his hand in" whatever business the Makuta are up to.

Current plans

Currently, MMKN has entered into hiatus. The future of the series (On BZPower, at least) is unknown.



  • Johnuva based Chirox's frequent strangling of Vamprah on Homer Simpson's frequent strangling of his son, Bart.
  • Johnuva's 30 Kraata are scheduled to make their appearance in a future comic.

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