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The Moon

The Moon is a main setting in the series Generic Quest. It has very little air and a gray, dusty, rocky surface, as well as numerous craters from meteor impacts. It is also the fifth largest natural satellite in the Solar System.

Thousands of years ago, the Moon orbited Mars. As a result of the Martian Winter, however, the Moon was forced away and was caught by Earth. Sir Evil's plan involved directing some of the Eyefourgott's negative energy towards Earth, causing it pull the Moon in to the point of collision.

The Moon is now orbiting Mars again, as part of the three-planet system that has been formed with the recreation of Mars.

Story Summary

After the Martian Winter, the Moon was forced out of Mars' orbit by unknown means and was caught by Earth. Malvadon (or "Sir Evil," as he would later be known) hatched his plan to collide the Moon with the Earth, and the Last Brigade made their base on the Moon their primary operations complex.

Soon after the Brigade learned of Malvadon's plot, they gathered a group of heroes whom they believed most fitting to assist. This group consisted of Nid, Dokuma, Lehatu, and Kabookie, as well as Zonis and Bionicle Dragon, whose employment with the Maj Corporation was unknown to the Brigade. This group was brought to the Moon, where they were brought up to speed by Blavinoid and The Spirit Guide. However, a spy had been sent by Malvadon to observe the situation. The spy reported the group's location to Malvadon, who initiated a bombing attack on the base, whereby Blavinoid was presumed dead and all but The Spirit Guide and Dokuma were captured.

Malvadon soon shifted his personnel to the Moon to begin preparations for the invasion of Earth. After Mars was destroyed by Dokuma, the group went to confront Malvadon on the Moon. However, they soon realized that the Moon was already on its collision course with Earth, so the heroes returned to Earth to find the Crystal of Eyefourgott while the newly re-embodied Blavinoid and The Spirit Guide distracted Malvadon.

The battle between the Last Brigade and Malvadon continued on the Moon for almost 24 hours straight. Eventually, the United States Air Force and the B Team led a mission to the Moon to assassinate Malvadon in hopes of stopping the collision. They succeeded in killing Sir Evil, but the Moon continued on its path. It was revealed that the Earth was actually pulling the Moon in with increased gravity, a process which could not be stopped quickly enough. The Last Brigade evacuated the Moon, and Dokuma used the Eyefourgott to recreate Mars, which pulled the Moon back into its orbit and averted disaster.

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