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The Observatory is a tall building located in the middle of an oasis. The main body of the building is gray protosteel, because “That’s the only thing the Vyrms can’t eat!” On top is a large glass dome, where Xaeraz resides and works.

The Observatory is the main setting for the similarly-named Plot driven series, ‘’Observatory’’.


The Observatory was found thousands of years ago. It seemed to have grown out of the oasis, which was ideally situated for observing other islands and planets. Nobody knows how or why it was made, and only Xaeraz has a chance to find out.


The building looks normal on the outside, but is a veritable maze inside, appearing to be almost organic.

The glass top of the building is lined with tiny cameras, enabling the current resident to observe almost anything.

Other than that, little is known about the mysterious structure


  • The Observatory was inspired equally by real-life observatories, Channel Billion Studios, and a music video by The Goo Goo Dolls for their song, “Iris”

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