Promotional Art for the Otherworld

The Otherworld is a series authored by Nuzar of Vornazar that is part to the CCC that has yet to be started. It takes place in a dimension parallel to the main dimension that greatly influences dreams and hope. The laws of physics in this world are completely different from the main dimension, however, they bear similarity. The comic's goal is to delve into the subconscious mind and compare the laws of physics with a completely new set of laws that dictate the events of another dimension.


The Otherworld is a dimension directly tied in with the world of dreams, which directly influences hope and sanity. In this world, many of the laws of physics do not apply. Instead, there is a completely new set of laws, similar to the ones in dreams. The Otherworld is also a delicate world, whose balance can easily be disrupted, but not easily fixed. If the disasters are severely or major enough, then they remain permanent. Several decades ago, a powerful Toa of Magics, Miasma) started several experiments that disrupted the delicate balance of the world, sending massive shockwaves throughout the world. As a result of the experiments, Miasma gained control of the Otherworld, plunging the world into chaos. Only seven major cities survive the reign, all sactuaries from the chaos of the world outside their walls. However, there is a legend that seven heroes will appear to defeat Miasma...



The story begins with the main character, Nuzar, who is preparing to sleep.

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