Mars is recreated.

The Restoration Scenario was the term assigned to a model first imagined by the Last Brigade in the series Generic Quest. It was successfully executed by Dokuma in the Generic Quest Season One Finale.

In it, the Martians theorized that the Crystal of Eyefourgott could be used to recreate the Blue Crystals on Mars and pull the Moon back into its orbit, restoring the Solar System to its state prior to the Martian Winter. It was considered impossible, however, because (1) Mars was at that point too distants from the Moon and (2) the Eyefourgott had not yet been recovered.

In the year 2008, however, both of the aforementioned difficulties were solved with the destruction of Mars and the discovery of the Crystal. The Spirit Guide realized that the Eyeforgott could be used to recondense the debris of Mars into a new planet close enough to pull the Moon back into its orbit, pulling it away from Earth and preventing a collision between the two. In the process, the energy released by the Crystal could form a new crystalline core of the planet and restore the blue crystals.

Though it was a suicide mission, Dokuma volunteered to bring the Crystal out into space and set the plan into motion. Once he arrived at the location, however, he found Harold Sun waiting for him and prepared to steal the Crystal. Dokuma instead attacked Sun with the Crystal and fled the scene and a new planet Mars formed. Though Sun was presumed deceased after this, one week later it was revealed that he had used the energy to create for himself a new body as he emerged on the surface of the planet.

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