The Spirit Guide


Species : Martian
Comics : Generic Quest
Kanohi : Pakari
Colors : Light blue, blue
Element : Natural Martian superpowers
Occupation : Warrior
Tools : Rapier
Location : Mars
Status : Alive, on Mars
Pronunciation : N/A

The Spirit Guide is a female Martian protagonist in Generic Quest, member of the Last Brigade, and love interest of Blavinoid Marcalium. Her true name is unknown.


As a Martian, her natural abilities include super speed, super strength, flight, and the ability to absorb/release energy in sometimes massive amounts. Additionally, like all Martians, her eyes glow white when she is full of zeal. She weilds a sword, and prefers it over her energy-based abilities.


The Spirit Guide appeared in Episode #1 of Generic Quest and desperately told Bionicle Dragon that she needed his help. Bionicle Dragon sardonically regarded her as an idiot and walked away unperturbed.

She continued to appear throughout the series in some scenes not even worth mention, but her greatest appearance was her epic duel with Sir Evil in the Generic Quest Season One Finale. She fought vigorously alongside her fellow Last Brigadier, the unnamed Seal Breeder and his army of seals.

After Mars was recreated by Dokuma, the Spirit Guide began her life on the planet once more. Her status after the invasion of Mars byu Harold Sun is unknown.

She has also had a non-canonical cameo appearance in Heroes as an extra.

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