The Story of Lai


Author(s) : Lai: Toa of Shadows
Current Season : none
Medium : Unknown
Island : Wherever The Newsroom is set
Main Enemies : Unknown, Lord Dogg
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : Unreleased
Location : Somewhere
Status : Not released just yet
Pronunciation : thuh store-ree ovv lie

The Story of Lai is an former comic series by Lai: Toa of Shadows, with minor assistance by Turaga Dlakii. It was shut down due to an incident involving Lai's custom sprites, which greatly resemble Chimoru 2.0, but Lai is planning to bring it back. Lai says that this story will actually happen several years before Dlakii became head of Channel Billion, so the series is going to be a prequel to The Newsroom. However, for some reason, Dlakii himself won't appear in the comics.

The series was scrapped, instead Lai released Lai's City Stories Amethyst.

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